Interview Mrs. Netherlands Universe Finaliste

Get to know the ins and outs of a successful woman.

The beautiful, inspiring and innovative Mrs. Gerjanne Scheffel (35), the 2019 Personality winner, is not only a successful businesswoman but also a mother of 3 wonderful children and a devoted woman to different humanitarian programs. Get to know an outstanding lady in the following interview with Gerjanne Scheffel, animated by Rabea Iqbal, Medical Wellness Specialist and Director of IQ Balance.

Mrs. Universe 2019


Gerjanne, you are a loyal client of IQ Balance for over a decade. You applied for Mrs. Universe 2019 in The Netherlands and won the honourable title of Mrs. Personality after passing a special exam that was given to all participants. My heartfelt congratulations! As a full-time businesswoman and a mother, you should have a really busy life. What was your reason to apply for Mrs. Netherlands Universe elections?


Thanks for the compliments! A woman assumes indeed a lot of ´roles´ in her life but granting herself some attention is also a priority. Therefore, in 2018 my company “Mrs. Fair” made the national costume for the title winner of Mrs. Netherlands Universe 2018 who asked me various times to join the election and there started this beautiful course of my life.  



Did this experience change your life and what did you get out of it? 


This experience was so intense during which I learned many things. In five months, we had so many trainings such as (social) media, catwalk, performance and the beauty workshops. We were 25 girls and we learned a lot from each other. It was hard work but very pleasant. This event allowed me to enlarge my social network with important people with whom I am in constant contact. Thanks to this event, I also got an offer for a contest in the Dominican Republic for Mrs. Woman of the World. Truly, I had never expected this to happen in my life! It did open new beautiful perspectives for me.



What are you most passionate about?


I believe that together, we can make the world a better place to live. We live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world and we can make the difference. Every day, we have to make choices about our clothes, food, transport, holidays… However, we need to remind ourselves that we are free to change some of our habits and behaviours. The question is whether we need all the things we consume. Did we ask ourselves where the products we use come from? How are they made and by whom? I hope the planet will be protected for our children and their children. 



What do you think is the biggest challenge for women nowadays and what advice do you have for them? 


The biggest challenge is what I may call the pressure of virtual perfection. This entails how much time we spend and how much stress we endure to appear perfect on social media. We defuse a multitude of pictures daily to reflect our beautiful, homey houses, smiling children, loving husbands, flavorous food and stunning vacations… Nevertheless, what really matters is the human relation. Invite your neighbours for lunch, ask your friends for dinner and have good conversations with each other. The joy of something new fades is in no time, but memories of nice moments last forever in our minds. Devoting time and attention to somebody and listening to him/her is much more important than appearing perfect on social media. 

Busy & Beautiful


How do you manage your time between building your career, studying, family, friends, charity work and still looking beautiful and energised? 


Thank you. I think that my ability of setting my goals and making my decisions very fast helps. All is left is following my feeling. I am by nature a positive person. No space for negativity is left in my head. It is stated that 70% of our daily thoughts are negative. I consciously choose for the positive ones. As a matter of fact, you can train your brain on producing positive thoughts. Furthermore, I live next to the forest and in the weekends, I take a ‘forest bath’ and look at the beautiful, giant, old trees and realise how everything is just perfect in nature. On top of all these energising things, I make sure to care well for my skin, using natural care products. 

Natural Products


As a conscious woman, you chose for natural products like our skin care from Chi Essential Cosmetics and Bio Make-up from Couleur Caramel. What did you base your choice upon?


I want simply a minimalistic footprint and look beautiful at the same time. The Chi Essential Cosmetics make me feel relaxed after a hard-working day. I take a mask and enjoy the beautiful smell of roses. In the morning, I use the day cream with lavender and feel that my skin is being protected and fed with vitamins and minerals. Our skin needs natural products to be in a good condition and I refuse to get any chemical rubbish on my skin. The Bio Make-Up of Couleur Caramel is easy to use and give me that extra glam in the morning to be ready for the day. 

Source of trust


As a final insight, would you mind sharing your source of trust, drive and your life essence? 


Yes, I trust in God who made everything perfect, but humans spoiled the divine perfection! We can make the difference by building sustainable relations with each other and taking care of our environment. 

In God we trust! 

Thank you


Thank you for the beautiful interview. We are proud to serve engaged clients of your calibre! 

IQ Balance, The Netherlands – Nijkerk, 26th June 2019 

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